Amazing Memories **SOLD**

It is such a honor when a client likes my work enough to buy multiple pieces. It is even more of a honor when they commission a piece for themselves that will mean a lot to them because of the memories it represents. Two great clients asked me to paint this from a photo of a memorable road trip they went on recently. It is to be an anniversary gift.

Amazing Memories / 36x48x2 / Acrylic on Board

Ice – Pratt Art Auction – SOLD!

The Pratt Auction is one of the highlights of the year here in Seattle. It is a chance to support all the great programs at Pratt, see old friends, and meet new ones. Unfortunately, like so many other gatherings this year, it has been cancelled and reworked into an online auction.

Visit the listing HERE

Browse the entire auction HERE

If you can support Pratt, please do. The auction ends at midnight on June 6th.

Ice / Acrylic + Resin on Canvas / 36 × 60